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Welcome to THE SITE for Athletic Trainers! This is where the Athletic Trainer can Post Resumes, Search Job Boards, Contact Employers and Do it without PAYING DUES! Employers can post vacancies here, search resumes, contact candidates from one Web Site. You will find all your needs will be completed RIGHT HERE at......AT

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Don't just help the athlete off the field, but help yourself to a better career!  Take the time to review our Placement Notices!  Call those listed and find out the specifics about a career with their site of employment!  Upload your resume!  Update your contact information!  You never know, you might be the one that a company is looking for and they decide to contact YOU!


Not just for the Jobseeker, but also for the Employer!  We searched and found a new program for your job listings and resume postings!  We believe that you will be pleased with the new features that are offered, including better search features for both the jobseeker and employer.  WE do this for you because being an athletic trainer is a hard enough job, so finding the RIGHT JOB or the RIGHT ATHLETIC TRAINER should not have to be hard or costly too!

Get Noticed, Get Your Digital Resume!

AT is now offering the cutting edge for impressing a prospective employer!  

Contact AT and order your Résumé on Compact Disc that will open when the Employer places it in his/her computer.  Make your portfolio STAND OUT!

Employers!  Save Your Money!

You need an athletic trainer.  You are TIRED of sites that constantly charge you hundreds of dollars for each time you need to post a placement notice?  Would you like a FREE solution to your staffing needs?  We are your place!  We will work hard to get your placement notice out to prospective candidates!.  Give us a try, you will find that you will save money and find the right athletic trainer for YOUR JOB!  Contact us if you want us to search for your candidate by more then your placing your notice on our site.


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Upload your résumé to our site, don't spend hours using the copy and paste method into a format the does not show your creativity!  You can use our site to load your Word document (.doc), or your Adobe Acrobat format (. pdf) résumé for prospective employers to view.  You can do this ALL for FREE!

REAL ESTATE for the Athletic Trainer on the Move has added a real estate site for athletic trainers that are moving for placement reasons.  You can keep your advertisement online as long as you need!  It is less expensive then using newspaper advertisement!  Place the web address on your information paper in your information tube on your for sale sign.  Let people see the inside of your house online!